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Featuring: A-Rod, NFL Training Camp injuries, Johnny Manziel and 2 Guns movie review….

It’s very unfortunate for Major League baseball, that the biogenesis scandal is such a hot story right now. The Los Angeles Dodgers have one of the more intriguing, and unlikely success stories in years. Yasiel Puig.  The Dodgers are also red hot, winning 31 of their last 38 games (14 straight road victories) coming into tonight’s showdown against the St. Louis Cardinals. Along with the Dodgers, the Tampa Bay Rays are equally as hot and the Pittsburgh Pirates are having their best season since Barry Bonds, a player that had his share of scandals, graced the their outfield over 20 years ago.

Each of these teams lead their respective divisions, and are good stories in their own right, but baseball fans are stuck having to deal with A-Rod dominating the headlines. Of course, the hope is that the stiff 50 game suspensions for the twelve, and the suspension until 2015 for A-Rod will help clean up the game. Cleaning up the game is sorely needed, but the game is also sorely in need of watching eyes. The timing of these suspensions very ill-timed to me. This is not the action that baseball fans, casual or pure want to see. Especially with football on the horizon.  Speaking of football……..

NFL Training Camps are in full swing. Usually, that means the injuries are not far behind. This season has been no exception so far. It’s especially frustrating when those injuries are season ending. Eagles wide receiver, Jeremy Maclin was the first to go down with his ACL injury. Shortly after, Baltimore Ravens tight-end, Dennis Pitta went down with a hip injury. The tight-end woes continued when Ed Dickson was injured. Thankfully, for the Ravens, he should only be out a couple of weeks. The Ravens have been hit particularly hard when you consider just a few months ago, they were crowned Super Bowl champs. The Ravens will look quite a bit different, and have some questions that have to be addressed.

The Ravens’ Super Bowl opponent also caught the injury bug. San Francisco 49ers defensive back, Chris Culliver went down with an ACL injury, and linebacker Patrick Willis had surgery on his hand. Willis, will be out a couple of weeks. Other season ending injuries that could affect teams that have Super Bowl aspirations are;  Denver Broncos starting center, Dan Koppen and Green Bay Packers left tackle, Bryan Bulaga. Both players tore  their ACL. There has been a rash of other injuries around the league. However, it’s nothing out of the ordinary when players who aren’t in peak condition yet are exposed to excessive heat and other elements.

Teams like the 49ers, Ravens, Broncos, and Packers, who clearly have their sights on finishing their season on a February night in New York, will have to come up with alternatives at those positions…….   Another team that has championship aspirations, the Texas A&M Aggies are also having problems of their own. Texas A&M QB, Johhnny Manziel just cannot stay out of the news. The sophomore quarterback, who became  the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy last season, has been in a lot of hot water. Manziel, has gone from virtually unknown, to a baller that’s won the Heisman, and become a world class party animal and Twiitter sensation in less than a calendar year. The cameras and national media have kept up with him every step of the way.   heisman-johnny-manziel-football_jpeg8-1280x960

Now, Johnny ‘Football’ will have the heat on from the NCAA. ESPN’s Outside the Lines, reported that multiple sources are saying, that Manziel was paid a 5-figure amount of money, to sign autographs for high profile guests, at the BCS Championship game in South Florida last January. Of course, if any wrongdoing is found, Manziel faces his playing eligibility being taken away. Not much has been heard from the school, or the NCAA. Manziel, was on the field for the Aggies first fall practice, but everything is far from normal. Questions are floating around, whether or not Aggies head coach, Kevin Sumlin and university officials have lost faith in Manziel. If so, could A&M suspend Manziel even before an NCAA ruling comes down? I doubt it, but needless to say, we will keep a close eye on this. The Aggies are a serious threat to get to the BCS title game, but before that they have SEC business to handle. Starting with Alabama in a week 3 showdown. It would be nice if #2 is on the field.  Another #2 did very well this past week. As a matter of fact, it’s #1.   2 Guns……

Weekly Swag:  2 Guns review……      4 stars out of 5..

I had the opportunity to check out the number one movie in America this past weekend. 2Guns….. Denzel Washington, and Mark Wahlberg star in this action film and are definitely two guys that have a lot of Swag! Washington and Wahlberg really mesh together on screen, which is not at all surprising. Both are very good actors, that have had multiple movies soar to the top of sales charts.

In 2Guns, the duo have one single mission. Breaking into a bank, and steal an enormous amount of cash from a number of safe deposit boxes. That enormous amount of cash is a lot more than they thought it would be. After obtaining the money, the plot really thickens as there are several that want to get their hands on the cash. There are some comedic moments, and quite a bit of action. However, the movie is kind of sloppy at times, in terms of the plot and how it’s executed. Wahlberg and Washington make up for it, though. I think the movie is worth checking out. Especially, if you are Wahlberg or Washington fan. By the way, the movie does come with a fair amount of eye candy. Of course, the ladies will like Denzel and I’m sure some like Marky Mark as well. However, the fellas aren’t left out by any stretch of the imagination. Robin Thicke’s wifey, Paula Patton also stars in the film, and lets just say her scenes don’t disappoint.

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Feel free to make comments. See ya next week on the rewind, but check back for more Sports & Swag content anytime…….

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