College Football: 3-QB system for the Buckeyes in 2015?

imageWe’ve seen plenty of 2-QB systems in the college football ranks, and the NFL. We’ve yet to see a 3-QB system. I’m sure we’ll probably never see one. But, that doesn’t mean some teams aren’t capable of pulling it off.

As the Ohio State Buckeyes bask in the glory of their dominating win in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game over Oregon, the program’s sixth national title and first since 2002. Lots of questions are already beginning to surface about next season. The biggest question for the 2015 Buckeyes is who will be the quarterback?

There are certainly plenty of options, at least for now. Braxton Miller, and J.T. Barrett said all the right things during the Buckeyes incredible run to the national title. But, you know those guys want to play. But, if they play, that means Cardale Jones has to sit behind one or both of them again. How is that possible after the way he’s played against the stiffest of competition over the last month? It’s even arguable that Jones, who was Urban Meyer’s third-string QB at the start of the season, is actually the best. Especially, for his system, which seems to thrive most with larger QB’s running the show.

With only one ball to play with at a time, that likely means one of the trio won’t sport the Scarlet and Gray at the start of next season.

If you listen to the redshirt freshman Barrett, however, you would be led to believe they’re all coming back. In an interview with, Barrett said:

This is from somebody who is going to be in the competition, I don’t believe anyone is going to transfer,”

“I’m not leaving. I don’t think Braxton is leaving. I don’t think Cardale is leaving. That’s being honest. With that, I mean, it’s just competition. It’s part of football. It’s what we’re about to do.”  J.T. Barrett

Told ya, they were all saying the right things.

I find it extremely hard to believe that all three will be back, and in uniform Labor Day Night, when Ohio State travels to Blacksburg to take on Virginia Tech, to open the season. At least one of these players will and should be gone at that point. My money is on Miller. Should be very interesting. But, maybe not as interesting as a 3-QB system might be.

Jones, who threw for 242 yards and a touchdown against Oregon, has made quite the impression in his short time in the national limelight. In addition to Lebron James being in attendance to root for Cardale and his home state university. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, thinks the third-year sophomore is ready for the NFL. Right now. Jones, doesn’t think that way. Saying in a Tuesday morning press conference:

“I mean it’s very odd. You know, I’m going to be starting three games in three years, and you know, guys play their whole career to have that buildup and have that motivation to play in the NFL. In my personal opinion, I’m not ready for that level yet. I mean, like coach Meyer said, it’s a conversation me and him will have later down the road. But, to me right now, it’s far out”

In my opinion, Jones is right. So, Cardale not only makes good decisions on the field. He makes them off of it, as well. We’ll see how all this goes once the Buckeyes take the field to defend their title.

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