Cam Newton’s new $103M deal with Panthers is great news for Seahawks’ Russell Wilson


The deal that had been rumored to go down between Cam Newton , and the Carolina Panthers has officially happened. On Tuesday, Newton signed a 5-year, $103 million deal. Reportedly, $68 million of which will be allotted in the first three years of the deal. It’s of course a huge deal for the former Heisman Trophy winner, but his numbers aren’t exactly what you would expect in return for this type of money. In 2014, Newton completed 58% of his passes for over 3100 yards, 18 TD’s and 12 picks. Not bad numbers, but Cam’s yards passing have decreased every year he’s been in the league from the over 4,000 yards he had as a rookie.

Of course, it’s not completely his fault for the drop in numbers. The Panthers aren’t exactly known for their offensive potency, and Newton also had to deal with losing players like Steve Smith Jr. to free agency and injuries to running back DeAngelo Williams and others. Newton, has a lot of potential that he’s yet to unleash, but it’s still questionable if he’ll ever be elite. With this new deal, he becomes another in a long list of quarterbacks that under normal circumstances would be considered overpaid. We’ve seen this countless times. The last being Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins, who we discussed here a few weeks ago. Tannehill’s deal was 6 years and worth $96 million. Quite a bit less than Cam, but still thought to be way to high.

These just aren’t normal circumstances anymore. The shortage of elite Quarterbacks in the NFL is a huge issue. But, until it is solved, QB’s that are judged as being ok to pretty good are going to get paid like they’re great.

The next QB that will get in line for his payday appears to be the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson . Wilson, becomes a free agent after this coming season, but negotiations have been on and off for a while. Wilson, doesn’t possess numbers like Peyton Manning , Drew Brees , or Tom Brady , but he has a few important numbers that Newton doesn’t have that will make him a very rich history man quite soon. One Super Bowl win, and another Super Bowl appearance. Two NFC championships. Those numbers alone speak just as loud or louder as throwing for 4,000+ yards, 35 TD’s, or having a 65% completion percentage. If, Cam can get nearly $21M/year, how much can Wilson get?

Could he get as much as $25 million per year? It’s quite possible. However, the Seahawks are in a bit of corner. It’s unlikely they’ll be able to keep other players that have been vital to their Championship runs if they pay Wilson that type of money. If you’re the Seahawks is Wilson worth it? Is he worth keeping at that price while losing other important pieces? Is losing Wilson worth the risk of trying to find his replacement among a crop of QB’s that are quite underwhelming? All of those questions will be answered soon enough. No matter the result, Russell Wilson stands to make a lot of money, that in part will be thanks to Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.

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