Could Braxton Miller STILL leave Ohio State for the SEC?


Urban Meyer, has come out and said that Braxton Miller is coming back. Meyer went as far to say, that Miller would not be making a positional change and would remain a quarterback. The Father of fellow Ohio State QB, JT Barrett expects Miller back also. He went as far to say, that Miller should not only be a quarterback, but he should be the starter. Even over his Son, who became the starter after Miller went down to injury last season, and Cardale Jones, who led the Buckeyes to huge wins over Wisconsin, Alabama, and Oregon on the way to the Big Ten and National Championship.

The one person that hasn’t said he’s coming back, however is Braxton Miller.

That looks to change next week, as Miller has said that he will announce where he intends to play football this coming season. Miller, has already graduated from Ohio State. So, according to NCAA rules, he would be eligible to play immediately for any school he transfers to. That has brought about much speculation as to whether or not Miller might transfer to a power in the SEC.

Alabama, Georgia, and LSU have been the schools most prominently mentioned as a possible destination. All three schools have major questions at QB, and all three could also be set to contend for the national title if they have the right guy in place. It’s only added fuel to the fire that Miller has made multiple trips to Alabama over the last several months. He’s also good friends with former Bama linebacker and native Ohioan, Trey DePriest. Miller’s latest visit to Alabama was yesterday. Miller, went to see Dr. James Andrews to assess his health status.

Miller, tweeted out:

@BraxtonMiller5: Successful check up/visit w Kevin &¬† Andrews! 😁.

If you ask me, I would say he definitely stays in Columbus. I mean, it’s only July 2nd. You would think if he were transferring someplace else, he would have done so already. There’s getting acquainted with players and coaches. Adapting to a change of lifestyle. Learning a new playbook. Etc. It also should be pointed out that as Miller met with Dr. Andrews and was seen around Birmingham yesterday afternoon, he was fully clad in Ohio State gear. That being said, it’s quite hard to understand why a formal announcement needs to be made to reveal he’s simply staying at Ohio State. We’ll just have to wait and see what Braxton has up his sleeve.

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