Anthony Davis adding 3-pointer by to his arsenal could make him best player in the NBA (VIDEO)


What can’t ‘The Brow’ do? His defense and shot-blocking are the best in the business. His athleticism, for his size and position is off the charts. He played point guard in high school. So, his handles are tight, especially for a big man. Now, this: Anthony Davis draining 3’s in workout.

Look out LeBron James. Your claim to fame as the NBA’s best player may be slipping away.

Anthony Davis, has shown consistent range out to about 17-18ft, but he shot only 1-12 from 3-point range this past season, and is only 3-27 in his career. Obviously, he’s wanting to change those numbers and do even more to earn every penny of that 5 year/$145 million contract he just signed. The Brow is in it to win it.

Question is, will he ever have any superstar talent to play beside him in New Orleans? After signing Omer Asik,  and Alexis Ajinca to 5 year/$60 million and 4 year/$20 million deals respectively, you have to wonder where the Pelicans are going to ever find the cash. Surely, they could have signed each of these players for much cheaper, or found someone cheaper to take their place.

At any rate, even though we’ve yet to see him actually do it in a game, the prospect of Davis being a stretch four in addition to everything else he can do is downright scary for the rest of the NBA. Good luck trying to deal with him….

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