Laquon Treadwell is top-level talent even without top-level speed

Ole Miss had their Pro Day on campus Monday, giving NFL scouts another chance to see just how much NFL talent Hugh Freeze has stockpiled on ‘The Grove’. Of course, the scouts spent the majority of their time evaluating the Rebels’ Big 3. Left tackle Laremy Tunsil, defensive tackle Robert Nkemdiche, and wide receiver Laquon Treadwell. All three are expected to be drafted in the first round. Tunsil, looks like a good bet to be who the Tennessee Titans select at number one. Nkemdiche, because of issues off the field and questions about his desire or ‘want to’ on the field, looks to be a late first round selection, and Treadwell looks to go in the top 15. Treadwell, is widely thought of to be the best wide receiver in the draft. However, that’s being questioned a little more after Treadwell ran a 4.63 – forty at Pro Day. Those questions should cease, as there’s a lot more that this 6’2″- 220 pounder can bring that should still allow him to be a top-level NFL receiver, even without top-level speed.

First off, is Treadwell’s ‘in-air’  ball skills. Any elite receiver must have the ability to be able to ‘find’ the football as he’s in the middle of or breaking off his route. Treadwell, does this as well as or better than anyone, allowing him to position himself against a defensive back and make a play on the ball. A receiver can have all the speed in the world. But if that receiver has poor skills making a play on the ball, he’s fighting a losing battle. Here’s a look at Treadwell making this type of play against Alabama’s Cyrus Jones. One of the best defensive back prospects in this draft.


Secondly, Treadwell has size. At 6’2″ – 220lbs, getting himself in position to catch the ball against some of these ball-hawking DB’s the NFL has to offer is a heckuva lot easier. And, there may be room for him to add a few more pounds to his frame. Treadwell, is one of the more physical receivers the college game has seen in a long while, as referenced in this video where throws a powerful block to open up running room for Ole Miss running back Jalen Walton.

Lastly, Treadwell’s hands are more than adequate. His highlight reel is full of spectacular catches. Included in those are some nice one-handed catches.

The catch here in the video is very nice. However, the move to get open may be even better.

Maybe, this was the reason all along why Treadwell decided not to run at the NFL Scouting Combine. Running a 4.63 in the 40 is disappointing for a wide receiver that compares himself to the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant. However, when you look at other elements of Treadwell’s game, you can start to understand where he’s coming from. NFL scouts and GM’s should also understand that speed isn’t everything. The team that gets Laquon Treadwell will do themselves a lot of good on draft day.


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