#SECMD16: Dan Mullen ‘swagged up’ in Yeezy 750’s

Dan Mullen’s Yeezy Boost 750 ‘s are the talk of SEC Media Days 2016. Photo Credit: AP/Bryan Anderson and Twitter

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen must love making a splash at SEC Media Days. He must also be a Kanye West fan, or at least a fan of his shoes. For the second year in a row at SEC Media Days, Mullen has shown his Swag by rocking a pair of Yeezy’s. Last year it was it was Yeezy’s Adidas Boost 350’s. This year Dan Mullen’s Yeezy’s are the the almost impossible to find Adidas Boost 750’s.

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that Dan Mullen’s Yeezy’s are already quite a hot topic around Hoover Alabama and social media. Unfortunately, he didn’t have Kanye West sign them. Here’s another peak at Dan Mullen’s Yeezy’ s from this year and last.
This year’s Yeezy’s

Last Year’s Yeezy’s

Mullen, who is entering his eighth season as the Bulldogs’ head coach, didn’t stop there. Proclaiming himself ‘Swagged Up’, Mullen acknowledged he was also rocking a pair of Jimmy Buffet socks. Here’s a peak at the socks.

Dan Mullen has definitely been ‘Swagged Up’  at SEC Media Days. Now, can he find a capable replacement for Dak Prescott? In Mullen’s time at the podium at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover, he acknowledged how tough that would be. Mullen also skated around the topic of Jeffery Simmons. In March, Simmons was shown on video punching a woman several times during a fight. But, Simmons, a highly touted freshman defensive Lineman remains a Bulldog. Obviously, Mullen has received much scrutiny for the decision keep him on the team.

Lots of questions surround the Maroon and White for 2016. But, one thing that can’t be questioned is Dan Mullen’s Yeezy’s and his Swag at SEC Media Days. Kanye should  be proud.

Lookout for much more on the Bulldogs and the SEC as we get closer to kickoff in September.

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