Cowboys, NFL learning what SEC fans already knew about Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott has been the story of the NFL Preseason, thus far. But, this kid is no fluke. Just ask SEC fans!


It’s just preseason. So, before anyone hits the throttle too hard about Dak Prescott and his awesome performance through three preseason games, it’s necessary to pump the brakes. Still, the numbers being put up by the greatest player Mississippi State football has ever seen, are fantastic. Prescott, in three games is 39-50 for 454 yards and five TD’s through the air. No interceptions, and he’s also rushed for two scores.

He was very solid again, with a nice showing against Seattle on Thursday.

Everything is working perfectly right now for Dak Prescott, and while so many are surprised, most SEC fans are not. At least, they shouldn’t be. Prescott, had major success against all those great SEC defenses. Three years of great play in the conference most comparable to the NFL has to count for something.

What’s most evident about Dak Prescott and his play so far, is his presence in the pocket, and his accuracy. His decision making is not a surprise. He became very adept at that against the best collegiate defenses in the nation. Which, explains why the speed of the NFL hasn’t seemed to phase him.

The most prominent question about Dak Prescott coming into the draft, was his accuracy throwing the football. So far, he’s proving those doubters wrong.
In three preseason games, when he’s needed to check down to a receiver in the flat, he’s been spot on. When, he’s had openings to run after a play breaks down, he’s done so decisively. He also seems to already be comfortable throwing the football to Dez Bryant. Prescott, wasted no time as he found Bryant twice, including a touchdown on the opening drive of the preseason. That game against the L.A. Rams was particularly remarkable as the Rams celebrated the NFL’s return to Los Angeles.

Developing a rapport with one of the NFL’s best receivers is very important, especially for a young quarterback. Prescott, has done just that. These are basic skills a good, experienced quarterback does in his sleep. But, a rookie quarterback, who’s getting his feet wet in the NFL, it’s not so easy.

Just ask Jared Goff, who was picked number one in the draft this past May.

Now, Goff could have a very good excuse for his slow start. Besides, his youth, the Rams’ struggles on offense are nothing new. While, Goff has struggled some, Prescott, is making it look simple. It’s very early in their NFL careers, but it has to make you wonder, why Goff so early in the draft? Why Prescott so late?

Prescott, broke every passing record at Mississippi State. His numbers as a junior and senior (63% completions, 7,242 yards 56 TD’s) were outstanding. In 2014, Prescott’s numbers were good enough to get the Bulldogs to a number one ranking, and an Orange Bowl appearance. That was unprecedented success for the Maroon and White. He also, got himself into Heisman contention.

Still, he won’t be mistaken for any of the trio of Mannings that preceeded him in the SEC. Archie, Peyton, and Eli Manning broke many SEC passing records and went on on to have great NFL careers. Can Dak Prescott do the same?

It has to help Prescott that the Cowboys’ offensive line is one of the NFL’s best. He also has nice weapons in Bryant and Jason Witten. So, while it’s still too early to tell how good he will be, this is a great situation for him. Any young quarterback would like the amenities this Cowboys team has to offer. Prescott, is certainly taking advantage.
Of course, the Cowboys aren’t too dependent on Prescott right now. Tony Romo is still the quarterback. But, the Cowboys selecting Prescott in the 4th-round could be the steal of the draft. If nothing else, Prescott looks like an upgrade to anyone Dallas has ever had backing up Romo. Which is very important with Romo’s injury history.

Prescott, looks almost certain to be the backup. As a result, we’ll likely see what the rookie can do this season when the action is real. When that happens, it’s difficult to imagine Dak Prescott not being successful. SEC fans already know that. The rest of the NFL world is quickly finding that out.

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