Swag or No Swag of the Week Awards – 9/16/16

Two controversial figures in the news today are 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick, and former Super Bowl-winning QB and ESPN NFL personality, Trent Dilfer. So, who has Swag or No Swag at all?

Swag or No Swag of the Week Awards are a look back at the week in sports, entertainment, and hot topics around  the world. This is sportsandswag.com, so we call ‘Swag’  or ‘No Swag’ , instead of ‘ winners or losers’, or, well you get the idea. We’ll do this each and every Friday. So, enjoy the very first Swag or No Swag of the Week Awards and let me know if you agree šŸ‘ or disagree šŸ‘Ž in comments. Enjoy! 


Colin Kaepernick 

No matter how you feel about Colin Kaepernick and his protests of the National Anthem that have taken the nation by storm, if you’re objective in the least, you have to admit the brotha has done his homework. Every I has been dotted, and every T has been crossed. He also, answered every question and every criticism in a professional manner.

The way Kap has articulated his feelings and his reasoning for the protests has been spot on. This isn’t something Kaepernick is doing for selfish reasons or self-fulfillment, it’s also not an act of desperation. It’s something he’s done with sincerity. And when you think about it, that just might be the main problem some have with him right now.

Despite the fact his own Mother has publicly expressed her disapproval, Kaepernick’s protests have done just what he intended for them to do. They’ve raised awareness, and they have us talking. Now, he even has others joining him in the protests. Teammate Eric Reid, now kneels with Kaepernick on the 49ers sideline during the National Anthem. He has players like Seahawks corner Jeremy Lane, and former University of Nevada teammate and current Denver Bronco, Brandon Marshall joining the cause.

Kaepernick, is exercising his right to freedom of speech, he’s doing it the right way and he’s others step up and join him. If, that’s not a guy showing he has Swag, I don’t know what is.


Trent Dilfer 

Listening to Trent Dilfer this past Sunday on ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown, it was immediately clear why Colin Kaepernick is doing what he’s doing. Some people just don’t get it, and quite a few of them aren’t even trying. Just like Kaepernick has a right to his beliefs, so does Dilfer, or anyone else for that matter. But, where Dilfer crossed the line, horribly, was saying Kap should sit down and be quiet and be the backup quarterback he is. Huh? Say what?

Let’s also not act like Kaepernick has been a career backup. He did start and finish a Super Bowl. Surely, Trent remembers that. He was also in a battle to be the starter THIS season. So, what is Dilfer even talking about? There have been many outlandish statements made about Kaepernick, but Dilfer’s are no doubt some of the worst, at least of those said in public anyway. If you haven’t seen Dilfer in all his non-glory, here it is.

Dilfer, has come under fire this week for those comments and rightfully so. If, you look at the video, he nearly came under fire from Randy Moss. It looks like Moss really had to restrain himself from laying down the law to Dilfer. Moss, was far from alone with those feelings.

So, Dilfer thinks the backup should be quiet,huh? Does he mean be quiet and accept his position on the team, or be quiet period and stop ‘stirring the pot.” What does that have to do with the racial divide that’s going on this country? What does it have to do with people being fed up with the injustices that so many people of color have endured for ages in this country? Why does he have to be quiet? Are we supposed to believe that by Cam Newton being a starting QB and not a backup like Kap, that the protests would be acceptable coming from him?  So, why would he even make that statement?

Looks like Dilfer is the one that needs to be quiet.

Dilfer, is partially right about one thing. You don’t want something that brings attention to one person to tear a team apart. But, that’s been far from the case. The Niners won their game 28-0 over the Rams on Monday night. Starting QB Blaine Gabbert, actually had a decent game. So, it’s pretty apparent that Kap did what he had to do. He’s still doing what he’s supposed to do for his team. Kap, even saw a little action at the end of the game.

If, the protests by Kaepernick haven’t done nothing else, they’ve shown there is an immediate need for someone with a voice to speak out about what’s going on this country. The thing that’s so great about it is Kaepernick has done it in a way, that he should have everyone’s respect. He’s also done it in a way that all of us can learn from it. Maybe, one day Trent Dilfer can learn a thing or two from Kaepernick, himself. For now, Trent Dilfer is proving by his comments, that he has No Swag at all.

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