The Michigan Wolverines are talking the talk. Can they walk the walk?

Brady Hoke has been quite vocal about the SEC, himself.

For a team that’s coming off a loss in the Outback Bowl to South Carolina, and an 8-5 season overall, the Michigan Wolverines sure have a lot to talk about these days. Head coach, Brady Hoke, started the vocal festivities with his remarks about the SEC. Hoke’s remarks went like this: 

“I think people get a little overly zealous when they think the SEC is (the only conference) where they play football,” Hoke said Tuesday. “I think when you look at the track record of the Big Ten, (we) play awfully good football.

 He’s absolutely correct. The Big Ten does play awfully good football, and the SEC is certainly not the only conference that plays football. I don’t recall anyone saying anything to the contrary. Anyone that has knowledge of college football would agree, that the Big 10 is an elite conference. However, such remarks are open to criticism, when 2 of Michigan’s 5 losses came to SEC teams. The loss to South Carolina, and a 41-14, season opening thumping at the hands of eventual national champion, Alabama. Maybe, Hoke was referring to the Ohio St. Buckeyes, when he said the Big 10 plays awfully good football. Then again, maybe not. Michigan’s starting quarterback, Devin Gardner, had a few things to get off his chest, about the Buckeyes.

Shown here catching a pass in pre-game, from former quarterback, Denard Robinson, Devin Gardner all but guaranteed a Wolverines victory over the Buckeyes, this season. The regular season ending battle between the two rivals, goes down on November 30th, at Michigan Stadium (The Big House). According to Gardner, you don’t have to wait another minute, to know who’s going to win the game, however. His comments went like this:

“I mean, we always have room for improvement, but this is definitely a championship-caliber football team that will win in the Big House, you know, against Ohio State,” Gardner said. “We don’t feel like we’re inferior to anyone in the country and we’re going to give it our all.”

Nothing wrong with Gardner being confident, but he does remember he’s beginning his first full season as the signal caller for the Maze & Blue? Even though, it’s only June, I fully expect Gardner’s comments to somehow make to an Ohio State chalkboard or two, by the time these two meet. Urban Meyer, will see to that. It will be very interesting to see how well Michigan performs this season. There is good reason for optimism in Ann Arbor, when you look at how many starters are returning from last season, and a highly ranked 2013 recruiting class (No. 7 nationally by 247sports). By the way, Ohio State’s recruiting class finished No. 2. Should be very interesting November 30th.

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