NFL: Week 3 Power Rankings – Broncos leader of the pack………

Peyton Manning and his Broncos look better than the rest so far…..

After a pretty wild and crazy two weeks of football, its time to size up each NFL team and determine how they rank. In the NFL, twelve teams make the playoffs, so that’s the number I will go with for Sports & Swag’s NFL Power Rankings each week. We’ll call them the ’12-Pack’. As I said before, this has been a wild and crazy start to the NFL season. Lots of close games. 21 of the 32 games in the first 2 weeks have been decided by 7 points or less. Games have been high scoring for the most part, and having a running game is seemingly no longer a requirement.

For my money, the Denver Broncos look a bit better than everyone else through 2 games. However, there are lots of questions about the 2 teams ( Ravens and Giants) they’ve defeated. Besides the Broncos, other teams that stood out to me were the Seahawks, Bears, Dolphins, and Chargers. Did the Bears, Dolphins, or Chargers make the 12-Pack? Keep reading to find out.

Week 3: NFL Power Rankings (The 12-Pack)

  1. Denver Broncos – (This Week: vs Raiders)  Broncos look more solid on both sides of the ball so far, but what impact will Clady being injured and out for the year have on the offense?

  2. Seattle Seahawks – (This Week: vs Jaguars)  Offensively, Russell Wilson and company haven’t hit on all cylinder yet, but defensively the Seahawks are more than legit. Just ask Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers.

  3. Atlanta Falcons – (This Week: at Dolphins)  I’ll give the Falcons a slight edge right now, but I’m not sure they can stay here. Especially, with the injury bug hitting them already. Stephen Jackson injury doesn’t look serious but he could be out a couple of weeks.

  4. San Francisco 49ers – (This Week: vs Colts)  Ultimately, they’re better overall than the Falcons, but its hard to give them the edge after the thumping at Seattle. Honestly, the Seattle loss shouldn’t be huge deal. Niners need running game to get going, though.

  5. Baltimore Ravens – (This Week: vs Texans) Bit of a lackluster performance against Cleveland after blow out at Denver, doesn’t look good, but can’t see anyone else being ahead of them at this spot. Ravens host Texans in game that will tell a lot for both teams.

  6. New England Patriots – (This Week: vs Buccaneers)  It’s starting to become less and less possible to give the Pats the benefit of the doubt, simply because they have Tom Brady. Besides a solid, but untested defense, that’s about all I see.

  7. Houston Texans – (This Week: at Ravens)  Second straight week Houston has won a game by the hair on their chinny chin chin, but they’re winning. After all, that is the weekly goal, right? Schedule gets rougher this week, with trip to Baltimore.

  8. Green Bay Packers – (This Week: at Bengals) Packers defense looked a lot better vs Redskins than it did vs 49ers, then again it was RG3 and the Redskins at less than 100%. Aaron Rodgers is reason enough for Packers to be here, even though Eddie Lacy may be out for a few weeks.

  9. New Orleans Saints – (This Week: vs Cardinals)  Saints probably should have lost at Tampa, but despite a terrible 2nd half performance by Drew Brees and the offense, the Saints found a way. Actually, Tampa found a way to lose, but a win is a win.

10. Chicago Bears – (This Week: at Steelers)  Still think the Bears could be one of this season’s pleasant surprises. Talent is there offensively and defensively.  Also, good to see Jay Cutler win a game in the clutch, like he did Sunday vs Minnesota.

11. Indianapolis Colts – (This Week: at 49ers)  Have them here despite losing to Miami. I don’t see the Colts winning in San Francisco, but the Colts have made their splash for the week, in acquiring Trent Richardson from the Cleveland Browns. Can’t see much impact this week, but the future looks brighter with Richardson in the fold.

12. Kansas City Chiefs – (This Week: at Eagles) Chiefs had impressive win at Jacksonville, then backed that up with nice win over Dallas. The defense looks quite good so far. Can the offense score enough points, is the question.

5 Teams to Watch Out for (in this order):  Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams, and Buffalo Bills

As usual, feel free to leave a comment, whether you agree or disagree. Also, be on the look out every week, as I breakdown the NFL and College Football.

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