Brady’s TD pass and Big Papi’s grand slam help Patriots and Red Sox pull off unthinkable comebacks…….

ALCS – Game 2:  Boston  6  Detroit  5

David Ortiz’s grand slam was electrifying to say the least. To hit the first pitch he saw in that situation made it as epic a home run, as I’ve ever seen.Especially, with how Tigers pitching had shut down the Sox until that moment. Boston had scored 1 run and only had 4 hits in 16 innings of play, before last night’s 8th inning. Even though it wasn’t the game winner, Big Papi’s slam had a Carlton Fisk-esque feel to it. Torii Hunter tumbling over the wall, with little to no assistance from the Red Sox bullpen, made it even more of a classic moment.

Tigers manager, Jim Leyland had lots of questions to answer after the game, about how he handled his bullpen. In moments like last night it probably wouldn’t have mattered who pitched to Big Papi. Fate was on his and the Red Sox side. Question is, can Justin Verlander twist that fate back toward the Tigers when he takes the mound for Game 3, tomorrow night, or will Boston have the momentum to take control of the series? Should be fun to watch.

Two sports icons in Boston…. two incredible comebacks led by them…

NFL – Week 6:  New England  30  New Orleans  27

Approximately four hours earlier, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were making some late game magic of their own. The Pats took a totally different route to their fantastic finish against the New Orleans Saints. Unlike the Red Sox, the Patriots led for much of the game. In fact, the Saints led 7-3 and did not lead again until Drew Brees connected with Kenny Stills for the go ahead TD, with under four minutes remaining in the 4th quarter.

After the Saints TD, the Pats turned the ball over on downs and gave the Saints the ball back inside the Pats 30. The Saints would go on to kick a field goal to make the score 27-23. While, Jim Leyland was questioned for his use of the bullpen, Sean Payton was questioned for the Saints use of the clock. There is no way the last just under 4 minutes should have taken as long as it did. There is an obvious lack of trust in the running game in New Orleans, and that cost them a game they had no business losing.

So, with the inability to run clock, New England still had over two minutes left. However, an interception by Brady was certainly the final nail in the coffin. Nope. Again, the Saints could not run clock and ended giving Brady one more chance with STILL over a minute remaining. Which is a major no-no. Brady, would take advantage and find Kenbrell Tompkins for the game winning TD. Tom Brady did it again.

Just as it’s going to be interesting to see if the Red Sox will take control of their series and how Detroit will react, it will be equally interesting to see how the Saints react to such a crushing loss. Fans in Boston, however, are feeling quite good about their teams and the magical comebacks they pulled off yesterday.

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