NBA Draft: Sixers should give Cavs what they want, and take Wiggins…..


It’s been no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers want the top pick in tonight’s NBA Draft very badly. It’s also been no secret that the Sixers covet Andrew Wiggins with that pick. The problem is; the Cleveland Cavaliers own the top pick. For now.

The latest reports have the Cavs requesting Philly give up their first 3 picks of the night (#3, #10, and #32).

Seems like a heavy price to pay, but if Wiggins is really your guy, you have to go get him. It’s questionable just what type of value you will get in those picks anyway. Sure, it’s a deep draft, but the patience of the fans in Philly is running thin. Wiggins gives you that one guy to build your team around. Finding that, even with the 3rd and 10th picks is questionable.

The Sixers have a nice looking point guard in Michael Carter-Williams and I think Thaddeus Young is a piece they should hang on to as well. With Wiggins, the Sixers could have that nucleus to give their fans a lot of hope for the future…

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