#NFL: Arrested again, released again. The Ray McDonald saga continues


Veteran defensive lineman, Ray McDonald, who was released by the San Francisco 49ers in December looked to have a new start with a new team. Now, due to arrests for domestic violence and alleged child endangerment, he won’t even play a down for that new team, the Chicago Bears.

The Bears released McDonald today, after news of his latest arrest surfaced from California. McDonald, was taken into custody at the home of former 49er teammate, Justin Smith.

Good job by Bears management for their swift handling of the matter. Handling the matter is something the NFL failed to do after his arrest this past August, and later after claims of sexual assault surfaced. However, charges were never filed. His ex-fiancee, who remains unidentified, was the victim in the August incident and was also the victim this morning. To make matters worse, during this morning’s alleged incident the ex-fiancee was allegedly holding the child of whom she and McDonald are the parents. That child, who was born in March is apparently the same child she was pregnant with during the incident in August.

You would think that after dodging the bullet of a lengthy suspension and more importantly, possible jail time from the first incident, that McDonald would have gotten his act together by now. Not only does he go out and allegedly commit the same offense, but again the offense includes his now newborn child. There are always two sides to a story, but when things get violent and a child is involved, it takes things to another level. No matter the circumstances. Will we ever see McDonald in the NFL again? That became very doubtful this morning. Let’s just hope that all parties involved  take the necessary measures make things right in their life. Especially, for their child.

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