#TBT: Barry Bonds hits 715 to pass Babe Ruth on homerun list 5/28/06


This Sports & Swag #TBT (Throwback Thursday) goes back in time exactly nine years to the day (May 28, 2006), to showcase Barry Bonds making history in passing the legendary Babe Ruth on Major League Baseball’s all-time homerun list. Of course, Bonds, who began his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates before moving on to finish his career playing for the San Francisco Giants, would go on to homer 47 more times to finish with 762.

Despite breaking the record, many people who have deep connections with baseball still refuse to give Bonds the credit for the milestone due to his alleged use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s). Many of those same people, and people like me, that just have a deep love for the game of baseball continue to honor Hank Aaron with the label of ‘Homerun King’.  Aaron’s 755 homers still stand in second place, and look to stay there for the time being, unless the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) is able to go on a tear in the final stages of his career. Rodriguez, has 665. So, he’s still 90 homers short of Aaron, 97 short of Bonds. If, he’s able to pass them however, the same questions will be asked about him that are asked about Bonds. Those questions will forever leave an asterisk by their name.

Will Bonds ever be inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame? It’s very doubtful at this point. With his numbers, and adding to that his winning a World Series title and participating in another, he should have been a first ballot selection. But, he wasn’t. Much like Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa who have 583 and 609 homers, respectively. Neither of them have been inducted, either. A-Rod, who’s having a hard time finding the love even from the Yankees organization or it’s fans these days is unlikely to make it either.

It’s really a shame. A player with a booming bat, that was also known for his glove. Especially, early in his career with the Pirates. Bonds, is easily one of the best players ever, and may be the best player I’ve seen in my lifetime.  However, allegations of PED use will forever tarnish his legacy.

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