OKC Thunder new alternate uniform unveiled by Russ, Durant, Ibaka


In what is becoming a seemingly daily unveiling of alternate uniforms by seemingly every NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder have now unveiled one of their own.

Kevin Durant, and the boys will rock these orange uniforms in the upcoming NBA season.


The color scheme of the Oklahoma City Thunder is about as close to a rainbow as you can get. Their home whites have the teal, blue, and orange stripes with the black trim down the sides. We’re also very familiar with their road teal unis. This combination gives the Thunder an array of possibilities for alternate uniforms, that fit naturally into their color scheme. But, so far the only alternate uniform worn by Durant, Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, and company were the dark blues with the white stripes and numerals.


I’m not a fan of that alternate uniform. But, I’m ok with this one. I like the OKC in blue across the chest, and the orange will give their crazy fans, that make up one of the most intimidating home court advantages in the NBA, another color to dress out in. I’m sure there will be an ‘Orange Out’ in the near future. Now, all the Thunder and new head coach Billy Donovan need to worry about is making sure Durant and Russ are on the page.

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