Where’s the criticism for Nick Young in Deangelo Russell Snapchat saga?


At 30 years of age, Nick Young (Aka ‘Swaggy P’) is a grown-ass-man. At 20, Deangelo Russell should be also. However, as more details are released about the Snapchat snafu that has rocked Lakernation and the rest of the NBA World for that matter, the more we’re learning about an immature Russell who even previous to the release of this video was struggling to gain the confidence of his coach or his teammates. Now, the low amount of minutes that head coach Byron Scott allowed for him earlier in the season make a lot more sense. It’s also quite obvious it’s not just on the court issues. It’s off the court as well. Yet, Young trusted Russell with the juicy details of his sexual exploits. Russell, did indeed break what maybe is the number one man law of them all. Therefore, he deserves all of the criticism that he’s getting now and that will follow him for some time. Hopefully, this teaches Russell a lesson and he’ll go on and have a productive NBA career. But, where’s the criticism for Nick Young? Seems to me, he’s the type of guy that will spill the beans to anyone who will listen. Especially, if it makes himself look good. However, this is not one of those times.

Scott, went as far to say; that he sometimes forgets Russell, now 20-years-old, is still basically a kid. But went on to say, that Russell acted more like a 14-year-old at times. Ouch! That’s not a good thing to hear from your coach. It’s also not good when you’re trying to prove yourself as the floor general of one of the most successful franchises in all of sports. So, if Byron Scott had issues with Russell’s immaturity, why was Young….. oops I’m sorry….. Swaggy P so free with all of his private information? Was Young and Russell’s friendship that deep? Maybe, it was. Still, as bad a look as this is for Russell, it’s not that good a look for Young either. And that goes beyond the supposed infidelity to Iggy Azalea.

So, while we’re criticizing Russell, let’s not forget that there’s another side to this story. In this case, there’s actually another side when you figure Iggy into the picture. Will she and Young still get married? It’s anyone’s guess at this point. Nevertheless, let’s just hope that all parties involved can move forward and make the best of a situation that should never have happened.

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