MJD: Kelly’s gimmick offense caused Eagles fall


Maurice Jones-Drew has been retired from the NFL for a couple of years now. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an opinion about the game he played so well for nine years. In a short video released by Jones-Drew had plenty to say about former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly and his new employer, the San Francisco 49ers. When asked if Kelly was the right man for the job in San Francisco the former Jaguars and Raiders running back replied that Kelly destroyed the Eagles. He also went on to say Kelly’s offense is a gimmick that’s good for a year or two, but after that the no-huddle aspect of the offense wears out a team’s defense and the lack of traditional formations in time makes a team easier to defend.

That’s not very encouraging if you’re a Niners fan, because MJD is on point with his comments. But, of course if you’re a realistic Niners fan you’ve probably already come to grips with this and are already pretty worried about just how good a fit Kelly will be. How will he incorporate Colin Kaepernick (assuming he’s the starter) into his offense? The good news is, Kelly has been good with quarterbacks in the past and Kaepernick does fit mold. However, most of that success was in college at Oregon. It seemed like Kelly was on to something with Nick Foles in the 2014 season. But, Foles was traded to the now L.A. Rams for Sam Bradford.

Speaking of Bradford, he’s literally the last piece left behind from the Kelly regime. The Eagles have basically rid themselves of everything Chip Kelly. So, I guess it’s pretty obvious they would agree with MJD’s assessment. As for MJD himself, you can now find him on SiriusXM radio on talking of course about the NFL, and Fantasy Sports. As you can hear in the video he proclaims himself to be a Raiders fan. The team he ended his career with. Check out the video here

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