SEC dominates Houston 2015 college football TV ratings


The Big 12, despite rumors of expansion seems to be content with their current 10-team setup. It is a good setup in the terms of each team playing every other team in the conference, every year. But, in the terms of today’s college football landscape where television revenue and market reachability are the biggest factors that determine the amount of money each school and each conference makes, the Big 12’s setup is very much outdated. That’s easily seen in the rankings of the Top 20 Most Watched College Football Games for 2015 in the Houston Texas area, which was dominated by the SEC, and namely the Alabama Crimson Tide.


In fact, the rankings show that Bama had the top 3 games on the list. Number one was the game at Texas A&M, which makes sense with the Aggies’ campus being in close proximity to the Houston area. But, seeing the Texas/Oklahoma game be 4th behind Bama games vs Florida and LSU was a bit surprising. To make matters worse the Big 12 only had one other game in the top 10 of the rankings. Most Big 12 officials are against expansion. But numbers like this should make them think that out a little bit further. If and when they do expand, it looks like the Houston Cougars should be their first target. Two Cougars’ football games (vs Temple and Navy) placed in the top 10, matching the Big 12. Then again, the Cougars up against the SEC probably won’t make much of a dent at all in the progress the league has made in Texas since inviting Texas A&M into the league. The Big 12 and their possible expansion will be a pretty hot topic for months and years to come.

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