Richard Sherman tweets Curry, Westbrook


It’s safe to say Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman knows a thing or two about defense. He’s still one of the best defensive players in the NFL today. On Tuesday night, Sherman took to Twitter to let his feelings be known about the Western Conference Finals, and namely the defensive impact or lack thereof Steph Curry is having in the series vs the Thunder. In reaction to Steph’s defense, Richard Sherman tweets:

Sherman has a point. The Thunder and their combination of Russell Westbrook and a big, whether that big has been Serge Ibaka, Steven Adams, or at times Enes Kanter is placing Curry in situations where he has to make a choice. Do I switch to the big who’s much bigger and stronger than I am, or do I stick with Russ who’s also bigger than I am and just as quick if not quicker. Since Curry’s emergence into becoming one of the NBA’s truly elite players, seldom times have we seen teams really try to exploit his size. We haven’t seen teams really come out and try to rough Steph up a little. He has good height for a point guard at 6’3″, but it’s a lean 6’3″. His quickness is everything to him. But, you had to wonder all this time if Curry went up against a team that could really make him work for his shots, work to get open, and make offense as a whole a chore for him, how would he react. So far in this series, the Thunder have done just that, and Curry’s reaction hasn’t been good. Could it be that he’s still hurt? Maybe. But whatever the reason, Sherman is right. Curry is a defensive liability in this series.

Sherman didn’t stop there with his take on the Western Conference Finals. After, he criticized Curry, he then praised Russell Westbrook.

Hard to argue this tweet either. Besides, a terrible Game 2 performance in Oakland, Westbrook has been phenomenal. He’s definitely playing with more than a chip on his shoulder. He’s playing with a whole bag of Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips on his shoulder. Not just the plain old chips for Russ. He’s had to listen for the last several years that he’s not a true point guard, and that he needs to play with more control, and he needs to take better shots and stop turning the ball over in key situations. Add to that, the fact that he’s playing against the guy most people say he’s inferior to, and oh by the way that same guy was just unanimously voted the NBA’s MVP. If that doesn’t put a chip on someone’s shoulder something is wrong. Westbrook is not that dude that will just back down to a challenge like that. Even if you’re not a Westbrook or Thunder fan for that matter, you have to take your hat off to how he’s performed so far in this series. But, that’s just been three games. The Thunder have to get that elusive fourth win to have a shot to play for it all. One slip up and all the great things Westbrook and the Thunder have accomplished so far in this series would be all but forgotten. That’s one thing Richard Sherman too knows all so well. Just how elusive championships no matter the sport really are.

Photo Credits: Ronald Martinez – Getty Images.  Dean Rutz – Seattle Times

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