Kevin Durant the Warrior…..Title-chaser

Can’t beat em, join em!

Kevin Durant to sign with Golden State Warriors

And there it is. Kevin Durant to Golden State. With the quick stroke of a pen, NBA Free Agency 2016 has instantly changed. If Kevin Durant ever wanted to know what it felt like to be Lebron James, he’ll soon find out.

Kevin Durant, the Seattle Supersonics second overall pick in 2007 and former rookie of the year, former MVP and seven-time all-star has decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant, has decided to join the likes of Steph, Klay, and Draymond for one simple reason, to chase a title. It’s the most perfect example of ‘Cant beat em, join em’ I’ve ever seen. Only thing is, the Thunder could have beaten Golden State and had them beat. Up 3-1 in the Western Conference Finals, the Thunder blew it. And quite a bit of the blame falls at the feet of Durant.

Kevin Durant to Golden State means the Warriors will feature ‘The Big 4’ and one of the best starting fives we’ll ever see. But, it will also be one of the most scrutinized, and feature one of the NBA’s most scrutinized players. Well, now that Lebron and Cleveland have their title, Durant will now wear the crown of NBA’s most scrutinized player. Way to pass the torch, Lebron!

The announcement of Durant’s ‘decision’ to sign with the Dubs is nowhere near as brash as Lebron’s. However, the move itself, considering all consequences is worse. Plain and simple. Durant, is leaving another top 5 NBA player (Westbrook) to join another (Curry). Lebron, left Anderson Varejao! One (Curry) has a title and two MVP’s, the other (Westbrook) doesn’t. Even if that’s not how Durant saw it, that’s how it will be perceived. Outside of the Bay Area and his family, Durant will be roasted by most anyone who’s ever attempted to watch an NBA game. If, KD couldn’t handle the pressure of getting OKC over the hump when they were an underdog, how’s will he handle this? The Warriors will be everyone’s favorite to win not one, not two, not three, not four, not… Oh wait. I got a little carried away. Different team….different player. But, you get the idea.

Financial terms are said to be two years/$54.3M. As a result, KD could be on the move again soon. But it also leads one to wonder. Durant signing with Golden State is ok with NBA. But, Chris Paul signing with the Lakers isn’t? Hmmm…….Just my quick thoughts and rants.

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