Swag or No Swag of the Week Awards – 11/14/16 edition 


Colin Kaepernick and President Barack Obama had interesting weeks as our national elections finally (and thankfully! ) came to a close. One of them handled it with Swag, the other not so much.

You won’t see get political very often. But, this is a time, six days after the craziest and most embarrassing presidential election in modern U.S. history, that has to change. Colin Kaepernick, and President Obama are the choices for this edition of the Swag or No Swag of the Week Awards for two completely different reasons. Read on to see which of these gentlemen have Swag, and which one has No Swag at all.



Colin Kaepernick 

Colin Kaepernick showing the ‘Black Power’ fist after scoring a touchdown I’m yesterday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. Photo Credit: Twitter

This isn’t the first time Colin Kaepernick has appeared on the Swag or No Swag Awards. His first appearance came at the height of his protest of the national anthem. Kaepernick, was criticized heavily for those protests, and the backlash hasn’t slowed down much at all. But, through all of that, Kaepernick explained himself fully and with an intelligence that was remarkable.

Sure, many didn’t agree with his actions, but the manner in which he expressed his views weren’t unpolished or half done. And for that, he was awarded right here on If nothing else, he brought more attention to a cause that’s needed attention for decades. Unfortunately, Kaepernick gave all of that back last week.

Through all of his pro-black rhetoric, and for all of the people that stood….or should I say sat or kneeled with him, he did a disservice to himself and all of the people that supported him by not voting in last week’s election. That’s not to mention the disservice and the downright disrespect to ALL of the people that died just so people like him, like me, would have the right to vote. People died over 50 years ago for that right, but still, today, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is just that, an act. It’s not a law and could be taken away at anytime. And Colin Kaepernick thinks he’s showing ‘black power’ by taking that for granted?

Kaepernick says his protests are because people of color aren’t heard, or are not represented by our government officials. He feels, like so many others do, that we seemingly don’t have a place in this country. In a lot of ways he’s right on the money with that sentiment. But, how are we ever going to be heard or represented if we don’t vote? How will things get done if we don’t at least TRY to elect the people that will hear and represent us properly ?

The message that Kaepernick has brought forward has been for the most part strong and needed. But, his vote would have been even stronger. In lots of cases, ‘millenials’ failed to show up at the polls, probably for the same reasons as Kaepernick. He says that it would have been “hypocritical” if he voted. But, isn’t it hypocritical to not vote when you claim that you want change in government and change in the nation?

Maybe, he wasn’t enamored over the presidential candidates we had to choose from, which is understandable, but still no excuse. In the style of the movie ‘Brewster’s Millions’ , which starred comedian Richard Pryor, Former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Laura wrote in ‘None of the Above’ on their ballot as their choice for President. They, then voted Republican down the rest of their ballot. If the former Prez could do it, why not Kaepernick and so many others that failed to vote?

Is there not one congressman or congresswoman, or Senator, that he could have felt good voting for?

The controversy Kaepernick has stirred up won’t go away anytime soon, but the respect and support for what he’s done is dwindling fast. That’s not to mention his “Black Power” fist that he displayed after scoring a TD yesterday. If he really wanted to show power, he should have voted.


President Barack Obama 

President Barack Obama and President-Elect Donald Trump shake hands in Transition meeting at the White House, Thursday. Photo Credit: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Anyone that thinks President Obama is to blame for the racial divide that’s going on in this country is delusional. First of all, the racial divide didn’t start last year in Ferguson, Missouri. It didn’t start this summer in Baton Rouge Louisiana, or Dallas Texas. It started long before anyone ever dreamed of the United States having a black President.

You may not agree with the policies of President Obama, you may find the Affordable Care Act not very affordable. But, the things that cannot be argued about him are his honor, class and character. The same of course, can be said about his wife Michelle. His entire family should be a shining example of how a family is supposed to operate. Even through all the pressure of being the most powerful man in the world, his family values were never a question.

Never were his honor and integrity more apparent than when he welcomed President-Elect Trump into the White House this past Thursday.

No matter what party, or what candidate you affiliated yourself with, the name-calling and nastiness of this Presidential race drained this entire country. It was refreshing for at least a few minutes to see Obama and Trump come together. Obama, went as far as calling for Democrats and others who didn’t vote for Trump to support him. Trump, went as far to say that he would consider keeping parts of the ACA. We’ll see if either one of these things come to fruition. But, at least it’s a start.

Ironically, on the same day the current Prez and Prez-to-be met, Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers came in for their scheduled visit to the White House, after winning the NBA title last season. As a sports fan, I’m going to miss President Obama. No President I’ve seen has come close to the Swag that Obama has shown since being in the Oval Office. No President has ever been a bigger sports fan.

NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers greeted at White House by President Barack Obama. Photo Credit: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Greeting championship teams at the White House has little to do with how the President leads this nation. But, wasn’t it cool to have a President that loved the sports we love just as much as we do?  And he didn’t mind letting us know it.  Whether, it was filling out his March Madness brackets or showing love for his hometown Chicago sports teams, Obama is one of us when it comes to sports.



First Lady Michelle Obama taking the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ with Lebron and the Cavs at the White House. Photo Credit: Twitter


Cleveland Cavaliers are likely the last team President Obama will greet during his presidency. The fact that he did it on the first day of the transition from President Obama to President Trump was more than remarkable.

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