Final College Football Playoff Rankings – The way they SHOULD look

The Selection Committee has the final say, but this is how the 2016 College Football Playoff SHOULD look.


The campaign time is over. It’s time for the College Football Playoff Selection Committee to determine and announce who the four teams will be that compete for the National Championship. The process isn’t so cut and dry this time around. There are seven teams that have a legitimate claim on one of the four spots.

Well, I should say there are four teams that have legitimate arguments for the last spot. In my eye, Alabama and Ohio State are locks, and Washington is very close to a lock. That leaves the last spot up for grabs. Let’s take a look at why I think Michigan SHOULD be that fourth team. But, first the Final College Football Playoff Rankings.





 5. Clemson

 6. Penn State

 7. Oklahoma

 8. Wisconsin 

 9. USC

10. Colorado

Now that that’s out of the way….. 

Why Michigan? 


The Wolverines have two losses, yes. But, those two losses came on the road to a decent 8-4 Iowa team, and at Ohio State in a controversial overtime loss. They beat Penn State 49-10 in a head-to-head matchup. They also beat Wisconsin, just like Penn State did last night. While, I would rather see the Nittany Lions in this spot, Jim Harbaugh’s squad has the better resume.
Why not Penn State? 


Just as I said above, Michigan beat Penn State 49-10. Sure, that game was early in the season and James Franklin’s squad is much better now. But, that defeat doesn’t just go away because Penn State won the Big Ten title last night. A loss to Pittsburgh doesn’t help matters either.



Why not Clemson? 


Here’s the tricky one. The Tigers have only lost one game (Pittsburgh at home). But, they’ve looked lackluster in home wins over Troy and 6-6 NC State, where the game went down to the Final possession. Last night’s ACC Title Game victory over Virginia Tech didn’t necessarily hurt, but Clemson not being dominant last night didn’t exactly help. This just isn’t the same Clemson team from a season ago, especially on defense. Dabo Swinney’s crew does own wins at FSU and over Louisville, but how good are those wins now? The Louisville win looked a lot better then than it does now. Nonetheless, Clemson is probably going to get in and be matched up with Bama in Atlanta, but the ride has been shaky at times this season.



Why not Oklahoma? 


The Sooners really aren’t that close, but they had to at least be in the conversation if there was total chaos this weekend, so we’ll include them here. That said, the Big 12 just isn’t strong enough. If the Sooners had beaten Ohio State, the convo would be totally different. Still, it was another conference title for Bob Stoops. They’re going to name the Big 12 Trophy after if this keeps up.


So, there you have it. My reasons why the Michigan Wolverines should be that fourth team into the playoff. How huge would a Bama vs Michigan, Saban vs Harbaugh Semifinal be? The committee has thought about, I guarantee that. Will they pull the trigger? We’ll soon find out. The other game in my scenario, Washington vs Ohio State in Arizona won’t be bad either.

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