Dak Prescott needs expanded playbook, better play-calling


The Giants defense had Dak Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense on lock all night, but could limitations of the offensive playbook be the reason why?

You knew it had to happen. Dak Prescott was well overdue for a bad game. We just didn’t necessarily know that bad game would happen against those same New York Giants that the Cowboys lost to in week one. Of course, Prescott’s performance, not only last night, but over the last couple of weeks has opened discussion of Tony Romo taking over as starting QB. While, many are questioning if Romo should now replace Prescott, the bigger question may be, just how limited is the offensive playbook and is the offense too predictable?

Prescott’s numbers from last night, 17-37 passing, 165 yards, 2 int’s and a fumble are anything but dazzling. The Giants kept Prescott uncomfortable all night. The Cowboys’ offensive line has kept Prescott clean most of the season. But, last night was a different story as he was sacked three times. It was surprising to say the least, especially for a Giants team that played without Jason Pierre-Paul. Few could have seen a performance like that coming from this unit without Pierre-Paul. That begs the question of how much of the playbook has been opened up to Prescott? It also leads to questioning the offense’s predictability.

The Giants’ secondary certainly wasn’t fooled. They seemed to be a step ahead of the Cowboys’ receivers on numerous occasions. Of course, there were other times those receivers dropped passes, or in the case of Dez Bryant, fumbled when he did make a catch.

The Cowboys’ failed to attack the Giants down field. Prescott did hit Terrance Williams on that 31-yard strike in the first quarter, but that was it. While, Ezekiel Elliott had another 100-yard rushing performance, the Cowboys are going to need more from Dak Prescott. But, Prescott is going to need more of the playbook. He’s also going to need the playbook and play-calling geared more to him using his legs. Rarely, did Prescott get out of the pocket and try to make plays from that perspective.

All of a sudden, what looked like an easy last couple weeks of the season for the Cowboys, is now a fight to keep home field advantage in the playoffs. If, the Cowboys are going to finish this season and get to the Super Bowl, the offensive playbook needs to expand. A lot of people want Romo to come in and finish the job Prescott started. Bringing Romo in at this point would be a huge mistake. Especially, when the right adjustments to the playbook and play-calling could be made to help Prescott finish the job himself. The Cowboys still have Elliott and a good defense to lean on. However, scoring more points and being more explosive have to be a priority.


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