Kyle Korver trade win for both Hawks, Cavs

Kyle Korver and Kevin Love will now wear the same Cavs uniform after yesterday’s Kyle Korver trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Let’s be honest. The Atlanta Hawks have needed to trade Kyle Korver for some time now. Sure, Korver is one of the best catch-and-shooters in the game today. That makes him a perfect fit for Cleveland who has Lebron James to create shots for him. But, the Hawks don’t have that luxury. They’re still in search of the guy that can be their Lebron. They’re search should be a little easier, now that they have the 35-year-old Korver’s contract off the books. That, in itself makes the Kyle Korver trade a win for the Hawks, as well as the Cavs.

Because of Korver’s limitations on offense and defense, the Hawks have needed someone more dynamic on the wing. Someone that can get his own shot and also make you pay if you leave him open on the perimeter. Also, someone that isn’t a defensive liability like Korver has become.

None of that really matters in Cleveland. Korver, has one job and one job only. Knock down 3-pointers and stretch the defense to open things inside for Lebron and Kyrie Irving. With guys like Channing Frye and Kevin Love already on board, the Cavs have some serious deep threats. That should bode well for them as they try to repeat as NBA champions. The Kyle Korver trade also helps them while J.R. Smith recovers from his injuries.

However, it does little to help the Cavs perimeter defense, which has been subpar this season. When, playoff time comes around you’re going to see a lot of offense for defense substitutions by Tyronn Lue.

This trade is a semi-case of the rich getting richer. That being the Cavs, of course. But, Korver helps the Cavs on one end of the floor only. The Hawks, however, if they play their cards right, could benefit more in the long run. They receive Mike Dunleavy and Mo Williams in return. Two players they can probably get rid of, giving them more financial flexibility. They also receive the Cavs’ protected 2019 1st-round pick. But, where they could benefit the most is freeing up more minutes for Tim Hardaway Jr., whose averaging 11.4 points in only 22 minutes per game.

With Kyle Korver gone, Tim Hardaway Jr. should see increased minutes. Good news for him, good news for the Hawks. (Photo Credit:

Hardaway Jr., isn’t the shooter that Korver is. But, he’s much more athletic and a better defender, at this point in his career.

This could be just the beginning of the wheeling and dealing. The Hawks are also said to be taking trade offers for Paul Milsap.

The Hawks are obviously trying to position themselves well for the future. That’s very smart. They probably can’t beat the Cavs on the floor right now, but they may have won this trade.

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